H2O4Life Water Treatment Systems has a wide variety of high quality water treatment solutions available. From Water Softeners, Whole Home Filters, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Iron and Sulphur Filters as well as Ultra Violet Filtration Systems. At H2O4Life we design our systems to be easy to use with minimal maintenance. Our water treatment systems provide solutions for residential and commercial customers, with water sources from the city, well, lake or stream. Our water filtration systems are constructed of the most reliable and robust components available in the industry which in turn provides for extended service life. At H2O4Life Water Treatment Systems we are so confident in our products that we provide the best and most comprehensive warranty in the business. All of our products come with a 25 year limited lifetime warranty.

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H2O4Life Water Treatment Systems

Premium SOFTlogic Conditioning System
Urban or Rural Solution

With the H2O SOFTlogic Conditioning System you bring household water to a new level of quality. With soft water, the lifespan of appliances and sanitary fixtures can be extended. Besides that you avoid expensive repairs and replacement costs. With Soft Water, you save up to 75% on all sorts of products such as detergents and cleaning products. Softened Water Saves you Time and Money.

H2O4Life Iron Unit

Premium Iron Filter
Whole Home Iron/Sulphur/Manganese Filtration System

The H2O Premium Iron Filter system is the most effective and environmentally friendly solution to treat your water. It’s safe and very economical because it requires none of the messy and expensive chemicals conventional Iron Filters use. Our system eliminates the staining, metal taste, embarrassing odour through the use of self-contained air injection and specially designed media for rural water applications.

H2O4Life Water Treatment Systems

Premium Whole Home Carbon Unit
CHLORINE FREE Water at every tap in your home?

Our whole house water filtration systems are placed on the main water line that enters your home. To ensure you get the best possible water on every tap. Eliminates odours associated with chlorination and its by-products. Making your water much more pleasing in the shower, when bathing, at the sink and in your home environment at general.

H2O4life Premium Pro Filtration Unit

Specialized Home Filtration Systems to customize the water in your home.

H2O4Life offers a versatile range of Whole House Filters that can be used to Neutralize Acidic Water, Remove Chlorine, Filter Out Sediment, or to Improve your Waters Odour and Colour. Every household deserves the correct filtration system to provide quality water.

H2O4Life Water Treatment Systems Advanced Ultra Violet Filter

Premium Advanced Ultra Violet System
Clean, safe water is available at every tap in your home.
Your water is free from harmful bacteria.

The H2O4Life Premium UVFS High Flow, 3 stage Ultra Violet (UV) system is the safest, most reliable and highly efficient way to treat your water. UV does not change the taste, colour or odour of your water, it simply removes the risk of illness caused by micro bio-logic contaminants.


H2O4Life reverse Osmosis drinking water system

Premium Reverse Osmosis System, H2ORO400

Virtually unlimited Premium Water all day, every day!

Our H2ORO400 exclusive Reverse Osmosis drinking system demonstrates breakthrough Reverse Osmosis Technology. The H2ORO400 features a fully encapsulated 400 Gallon per Day Membrane, 1:1 product to waste ratio for a very efficient operation. ULTRA FAST FLOW RATE AND ULTRA FAST STORAGE TANK REFILL.

Commerical Reverse Osmosis RSL 4800

H2O4Life Water Treatment Systems Commercial Division

We provide water filtration solutions for hotels, restaurants, schools, manufacturing and industry. Clean water is critical to life, potable water is generally well conserved and protected from contamination in Canada. But even in this form, this most precious resource may not be suitable to meet the demands of many commercial applications.