H2O4Life Water Treatment Systems Advanced Ultra Violet Filter

Clean, safe water is available at every tap in your home. Your water is free from harmful bacteria.

How does H2O4Life Advanced Ultraviolet system work?

The H2O4Life advanced ultraviolet water treatment system works by exposing microorganisms (Viruses and Bacteria) to UV radiation, via a special UV light bulb, which disrupts their DNA and disables their ability to replicate.

Bacteriological contamination can be present in all water supplies, such as E-Coli and Coliform, especially in rural areas. The quality of drinking water can change at any time and become contaminated with harmful bacteria.

The H2O4Life Premium UVFS High Flow, 3 stage Ultra Violet (UV) system is the safest, most reliable and highly efficient way to treat your water. UV does not change the taste, colour or odour of your water, it safely removes the risk of illness caused by microbiological contaminants.

H2O4Life UV system

Have a peace of mind, when you are brushing your teeth, having a shower or when you are cooking.


  • 3 Stage System
  • 1st and 2nd Stage Sediment Filtration
  • 3rd stage Ultra Violet Sterilization
  • Pressure Gauges for Pre-filter for Easy Monitoring Pressure
  • High Output UV Lamp
  • Canadian made CSA approved Ballast
  • Quality 304 Stainless Steel Chamber and Connection
  • Lamp Failure Alarm-audible and visual
  • High Flow 1” Connections
  • Lamp Change Countdown clock
  • 9000 hour Rated UV lamp



  • Excellent for use in de-chlorinating water and removing many tastes and odours
  • No more Chlorine smell when use any tap in your home
  • Shower and Bathe in Chlorine FREE water
  • No backwash required

Download the Advanced U/V System Brochure

To learn more about the H2O4Life Advanced U/V System Brochure , please click on the button to download a copy of our specification brochure.