H2O4life Premium Pro Filtration Unit

H2O4Life offers a versatile range of Whole House Filters that can be used to Neutralize Acidic Water, Remove Chlorine, Filter out Sediment, or to Improve your Waters Taste, Odour and Colour.

Just as different water sources present their own unique problems, our variety of filter types-- including a wide selection of media and cartridge options-can be custom-tailored to provide you with the right solution.



  All Internal Components are Lead Free

  Advanced history, diagnostic screens

  Signature H20CV1 5 Button Valve

  Corrosion Resistant Control Valve

  27 GPM High Service Flow Rate

  48 Hours Programing Back-up

  Fully Automatic Operation

  On Demand Regeneration

  High Service Flow Rate

  Low Voltage Operation

  Neoprene Sweat jacket

  High Capacity Resin

•  Maintenance Free



H2O4life happy customer premium pro series

Features & Benefits

H204Life Premium Pro Series On Demand Backwashing Whole Home Filters

Every household deserves the right filtration system to provide quality water.

H2OCV1 Valve Features

•   1” inlet, for no pressure drop

•   Rated for 27 gallons per minute

•   Highly efficient for less water usage

•   Double backwash features optimum regeneration

•   Solid state microprocessor

•   Microprocessor captures all operation (gallons per day, flow rates, total gallons used, total regeneration)

•   12 volt operation

•   Easy to turn bypass

•   48 hours battery back up

H2O-AC Pro Series

•   Chlorine Removal Taste enhancer and Odour Removal

•   Removal of chemical by-products of Chlorination, Pesticides, Herbicides and other organic chemicals

H2O-NeX Pro Series

•   Turbidity reduction

•   Sediment filtration down to 3 Micron

•   Removes Red Water Iron

•   High Service Flow Rate

H2O-TAN Pro Series

•   Removes Tannin discolouration

Download the Premium Pro Series Whole Home Filtration Systems Brochure

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