H2O4Life Iron Unit

Premium Whole Home Iron Filter

Iron, Sulphur and Maganese all contribute to water quality problems. Iron causes red/brown staining on fixtures, clothing and appliances. Sulphur is easily detected by the presence of a “rotten egg” smell. Manganese is most often seen as a black slimy substance that builds up in standing water (toilet tank).

Unique Features

   The most Powerful Chemical-Free Application on the Market

   Removes Iron, Sulfur and/or Manganese

   Requires NO Chemicals (potassium chloride)

   Able to Treat Higher Flow Rates

   High Efficiency Premium Media

   Advanced Electronic Controller

   Low Voltage Operation

   Air Injection System


H2O4life happy customer with iron filter

Features & Benefits

The H2O Premium Iron Filter system is the most effective and environmentally friendly solution to treat your water. It’s safe and very economical because it requires none of the messy and expensive chemicals conventional Iron Filters use. Our system eliminates the staining, metal taste, embarrassing odour through the use of self–contained air injection and specially designed media for well water applications. The result is clean, clear and odour free water at every faucet.


How does this work?

Self – Contained Air injection System, it requires oxygen which is supplied by atmospheric air. The system draws air in during its backwashing cycle every 2-5 days. Aeration causes iron and other dissolved trace metals to convert to solids that can be easily filtered out by the media. These trap solids will be later discharge during a regeneration.



•   Water that Feels, Taste and Smells Better

•   No More Iron in your Washing Machine, Dishwasher, etc.

•   Your Cloth, towels are cleaner and whites are whither

•   Clean ,Clear and Odour Free Water at every Tap

•   Less Maintenances on your appliances and fixtures

•   Save time and money

Download the Premium Whole Home Iron Filter

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