How would you like to have CHLORINE FREE water at every tap in your home?

Think of it – unlimited chlorine free water for cooking, laundry, showers, baths and brushing your teeth! Did you know that you absorb ten times more Chlorine in your skin from showers than drinking it? In addition, you inhale it when you shower as Chlorine is both a chemical and a gas.

Our whole house water filtration systems are placed on the main water line that enters your home, to ensure you get the best possible water on every tap.

H2O4Life UV system


   Excellent for use in de-chlorinating water and removing many tastes and odours

   No more Chlorine smell when use any tap in your home

   Shower and Bathe in Chlorine FREE water

   No backwash required!

   Requires No Electricity

Call a distributor near you to learn more about the great H2O4Life product line.